Blogging For A Good Cause


Social network personality Anwar Hadi uses social media to champion the plight of the Palestinians, writes Izwan Ismail.

Awesome, funny, creative, cute. These are some comments on videos posted on YouTube by local social media sensation Anwar Hadi. Donning his trademark T-shirt and cap, Anwar video blogs on a wide range of topics: About his life as a student, about being Malaysian, about people he has met, about events and happenings around the world and more.

Anwar Top Blogger

The laidback, cheeky presentations and video techniques are what attracted a sizeable number of followers to his video blogs. The 22-year-old, who is a fourth year student at Macquaire University in Sydney, Australia has created 40 videos to date.

For example, his video EwwW ( on how Malaysians use the expression “EwwW” every time they speak has seen close to 700,000 hits. With his Kedah dialect and proficient English, the videos are really funny and well done.

This video won him the DiGi WOW 2011 Award in the Blogger Of The Year, Must-Follow Personality and Video Of The Year category.


The eldest of four says his interest in making YouTube videos started in 2010 when he was still in college in Penang.
“I’m a big fan of YouTube and I have spent many leisure hours browsing for funny videos,” says Anwar.

Initially, he made them just for fun and to improve his English communications skills.

“I recorded videos of myself conversing in English for about five minutes on my notebook and then I studied them. I must say this helped a lot,” he says.

Before he went to Australia, Anwar recorded a trip to Pulau Jerejak and posted it on his blog. When he showed his classmates, he received positive response. This encouraged him to start posting more videos on YouTube.
And he has not looked back since.


Anwar spends at least five hours online daily, on various social networks.

“My aim is to get Malaysians to think more. In my videos, I post a lot of questions to get people to think,” he says.
He’s also using social media to create awareness of the plight of the oppressed across the globe. Now, he is collaborating with non-governmental organisation Aman Palestin to get donations via his Facebook page for Gaza.

“The Gaza issue has always had my attention, and I want to champion the plight of the Palestinians in the best possible way,” he says.

He is giving away a self-titled T-shirt for those who donate RM200 and above “to encourage people to use their money for a worthy cause”.

Anwar Hadi can be followed on:

1. YouTube:
2. Facebook: IniAnwarHadi
3. Blog:
4. Twitter: IniAnwarHadi

I believe should be one candidate for Malaysia best blog 2015 which can be read at Digital Dose blog.

Explore Job Vacancy at Penang Fair



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Video Resume Will Make You Stand Out


With the advent of video resume, jobseekers can now showcase their creative side and their personality by putting together their personal details plus “showmanship” into a video resume. A video resume can be more than a traditional resume as it is an expression of one’s personality plus other important bits of information that can help to clinch that dream job.

Video Resume

According to a recent Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) survey by Kelly Services, the workforce is becoming increasingly popu¬lated with the Gen-Y-ers. This generation of jobseekers has been widely exposed to multimedia as a way of life, resulting in a change in the way they approach all sorts of challenges, including looking for a job.

With more than 127,000 video resumes posted on YouTube to-date, this new medium is certainly growing in popu¬larity as people jostle for the best jobs.

“A video resume is a great way of assessing one’s motivation to vie for a job, and to portray information that cannot be included in a traditional CV,” says Justyna Krzych, head of talent management for Mindvalley. “We hire based on culture fit,” she continues, “so for us video resume is an opportunity to get to know our candidates better, learn about their passions and personality.”

“If done well, video resume can be more attractive, animated, and lively,” agrees Chitra Devi Ragunathan, Sunway Group’s sen¬ior manager (recruitment) of group human resources.

Some tips for jobseekers recording their first video resume:

1. Keep it appropriate and relevant

“A video resume allows prospective employers to see, hear and get a feel of how applicants present themselves,” says Melissa Norman, Kelly Services’ managing director (Singapore and Malaysia). With that in mind, professionalism is key when recording a video resume. Of course, it’s easy to be brave and “avant-garde” when you’re alone in your bedroom (or bathroom) and facing your webcam. However, do keep in mind that the aim of the video is to get you shortlisted as a candi¬date for a job and it will be in the public domain.

2. Creativity helps

Video resumes allow jobseekers to reveal their creative side to impress potential employers. If a short juggling act can help you achieve that, by all means get on the act but keep it profes¬sional. Creativity doesn’t have to be outlandish; just tailor it to suit the job you’re looking for. For example, Devi Ragunathan suggests that a video resume may be useful for those applying for a job as a wildlife educator in Sunway Lagoon “because it highlights their ability to handle animals.”

3. Keep it short

Brevity is key. A video resume should be long enough to make your point, but short enough to still be interesting. The last thing you’d want is to bore your potential employer. A two minute clip should be enough to include all personal details while ensuring the clip is interesting, but if that seems a little too brief, Melissa recommends “approximately three to eight minutes” as the optimum video resume length. Do keep in mind that a video resume will filter out applicants who don’t fit the bill, but it does not replace an actual interview; so don’t worry about not being able to do your full pitch.

4. Dress appropriately

As a general rule of thumb, wear what you would to a normal interview but it’s always better to err on the side of professionalism and stay appropriately attired. The thing about a video resume is that it has a personal touch to it; however, there are still lines of propriety that shouldn’t be crossed.

5. Quality production

Find a suitable place that is quiet and well lit, and use the right recording equipment with higher pixel capability to record your video. The better quality your video is, the more impressive it will be!

Although a video resume is not a substitute for a face-to-face or phone interview, it will complement a paper resume and add colour and personality to an otherwise stereotyped black-and-white resume. To stand out from the rest of the pack, it’ll pay to strut your stuff the video-way!

For more tips on resume writing, please visit Contoh resume. They just release a bahasa melayu sample resume on their latest article, contoh resume bahasa melayu.

How To Write a Good CV


A good CV could spell failure or success for many applicants. CV is the most necessary when applying for a job. CV is also a requirement that plays an important role if you are applying for  scholarship or fellowship. Watch this great video, learn something from it.

On Vox: Monk Lit


I was up fairly early this morning trying to read Saint Augustine’s Confessions. Monk lit like chick lit is a self-indulgent genre with much lamenting over sex, gluttony and avarice. It was not easy going and I was forced to

brew up a pot of lethally strong coffee and break out the carrot and stick. For every chapter of Confessions I got to read a chapter of Live & Let Die. It pains me to report that Augustine was more of a player than Bond. In L&LD Bond is obsessed with breakfast.

I swear more of the book is devoted to the ordering and consumption of breakfast than action sequences or his failed attempts to bed Solitaire. He is actually quite a wuss in this novel as he refuses to sleep with her on the grounds he has a broken finger…

On Vox: On the house


After work a few of us head out for a much needed ad hoc drink. As we approach the pub my heart sinks; there is a crowd of people milling around and they are not smoking.

I really don’t want to have to queue to get in or be jostled in an overcrowd bar. At the door I spy that the pub is practically deserted, untouched drinks are scattered about, there is perhaps a dry ice machine working over time and a strong bonfirey smell. It turns out that something in the back caught fire and the patrons fled – they should be ashamed to call themselves New Yorkers!

The smoke and odour really weren’t that bad and were slowly dissipating. When I order a Guinness I was offered one of the pristine abandoned pints for free. If Nero can fiddle whilst Rome burnt then I am more than happy to drink whilst a New York bar slowly smoulders on a Friday night.

On Vox: My Brother’s Shovel


I got my Mum and brother iPod shuffles for Christmas. An aunt misheard and thought I’d got my Mum a shovel; these tiny pieces of technology will now forever to be referred to as an “iPod shovel”.

My brother’s shovel went missing at the weekend, and he searched high and low until it turned up in a pocket of a recently washed pair of jeans. His sheepish defence was that it was soooooo small and light that you forget that it is in your pocket.

So really it is all Steve Jobs’ fault for reducing the record player to the size of a paper clip. By some miracle it survived wash cycle three and my brother does not have to deal with my wrath. But, I feel that there should be some type of penance and I suggest he buys season two of Battlestar Galactica.